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If you say a thing, Do that thing!

The number of people who claim to be congruent by saying one thing and then not delivering on that is immense.

What's also insightful is that these same people then rationalize, which is essentially being rational with lies, and justify why they couldn't do it.

If you say a thing, then bloody well, do that thing!(Baring an emergency)

If you want the world to trust you, then you must be able to trust yourself, and that starts by upholding your word to yourself and others.

Here's a deeper look at why this happens and how to build trust:

The Intention-Behavior Gap: Often, the gap between what people say and what they do stems from the intention-behavior gap. 

People might genuinely intend to keep their word. Still, they fall short when faced with unforeseen circumstances and changing priorities, which is prominent for many who say one thing and do another and are prone to the Intention v behaviour paradox.

Self-Deception: Rationalization can be a form of self-deception. People convince themselves that their reasons are valid, protecting their self-image and avoiding taking responsibility for the incongruency.

Building Trust: Trust hinges on following through on your word. Here's how to cultivate that:

Be Realistic: Only commit to what you're confident you can deliver.

Transparency: If something comes up that prevents you from keeping your word, communicate openly and honestly as soon as possible, explain clearly why the situation has changed, and rectify it as soon as possible.

Focus on Actions: Actions speak louder than words. Make a conscious effort to consistently follow through on commitments, big or small.

You build trust with others and yourself by holding yourself accountable and prioritizing integrity. This self-trust empowers you to make promises you can keep and fosters a sense of personal responsibility.

It's important to remember that everyone makes mistakes. If you do move the goalposts, sincerely apologize, explain the situation, and take steps to make it right.

People who consistently act with integrity and build trust become reliable and respected. They are the ones others know they can count on!

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