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The millionaires morning routine


In my years of research into the minds of high achievers, I quickly established, they all had one thing in common; Each of them indulged in a specific early morning routine which set them up for the day.

The routines varied slightly, but for all intent and purpose, they believe that to own the day, you must own the first hour on awakening.

If you want the best from life, the quickest way in my opinion, is to role model those who have reached the levels of achievement you wish to emulate. Role modelling can take literally years of guesswork out of the equation, so listen carefully and incorporate the following into a new morning routine and see what it can do for you.

1. Spend your first 10 minutes exercising – Running on the spot, some press ups, a yoga routine, or anything that gets that heart beating faster. The body needs to move the lymph fluid for ultimate health, and unlike the heart which pumps blood, we have no lymph pump, hence we must move with conviction to achieve this goal.

Secondly, sweating releases brain-derived neurotrophic factors, a brain chemical that actually grows neural connections.

Thirdly, working out also releases dopamine (the neurotransmitter of motivation) and serotonin, which makes you feel happy."

2. The next 10 mins goes to contemplation. To find and write down 5 things to be grateful for. Gratitude, like all emotions is a positive mindset we cultivate by directing our focus in a specific direction. The more we practice gratitude, the more grateful we become.

The fact you awoke when over 140,000 people did not is reason enough to be grateful. If your limbs and senses are working, you have a roof over your head, water and food in the cupboards, and some money in your pocket, then you are one of the privileged on a planet where over three billion fellow human beings survive on less than a few dollars a day.

3. Visualization.

Now use the next 10 minutes, journaling and visualizing how you want your life to be and how you can actively achieve the goals that will get you there Start easy by planning for the day ahead, then as you get better at not only writing down your goals, but sticking to them, create longer term goals and spend time each morning visualizing the successful conclusion of those dreams.

4. Feed your mind.

Spend the next 20 mins reading or listening to content that stimulates and expands your mind. There are so many quality podcasts and audio-books to choose from. Pick a few that can inspire you to become your greatest version and engage with them every day. Instead of listening to the world news, and all its doom and gloom on the way to work, try listening to a podcast that will stimulate your mind with positivism.

That may appear difficult, but not so. Just set your alarm an hour earlier than normal, jump out of bed the moment it goes off, and perform this 50 minute routine. Try if for a month and tell me it hasn't changed your life.

Until the next time, be legendary.

Darren Jon Timms.

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