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”Love is life. And if you miss love, you miss life”.

Do you understand the meaning of love?

We struggle with the term ‘infinite love’, often confusing it with the potent, yet the toxic combination of addiction and attachment. It is no surprise therefore that the failure rate of personal relationships grows exponentially.

Love never was, nor is and can never be a business contract. It can only ever exist as a state of being. Not something you do, but something that you are… Pervasive energy that resides within everything and something that cannot be destroyed by fickle feelings that come and go like an autumn breeze.

Infinite or better known within romantic circles as unconditional love is very much misrepresented in today’s world… First, there are no conditions within the unconditional…

The moment conditions are introduced into the equation, we enter into the realm of transactions and arrangements. This works fine when things are going well and both sides of the partnership are receiving what they need to feel fulfilled… pretty much like any business arrangement that is considered favourable.

The problems start when this arrangement falls foul of the expectations placed upon it…We need to learn to differentiate between a real love affair and a business transaction. Where the real misunderstanding occurs is that we believe that love exists only between living things, between people.

We chase and desire that feeling of wanting and being wanted, yet this has nothing to do with love and more akin to satisfying deep insecurities and fears within each of us…

A real love affair is the relationship we have with life itself and not necessarily with another person. It happens within us. And the clearer this becomes, the more joyful life will be.

When we connect to the inner being, the infinite loving entity we are, no longer will we assume that love is exclusive to how one feels towards another person, or what another must provide in order to feel secure.

Once we learn to look at everything lovingly, the World becomes glorious in our experience… The birds, trees , plant life, and all other creatures we share space with. When we can look at everything and see ourselves in it, life begins to move and exist through us and not something external which we look upon as separate to ourselves.

‘’Your relationship with others and life itself can only ever be as good as the relationship you have with yourself’’

Take that quote, print it off and place it all over your house, your car, your office and anywhere else highly visible. How quickly you understand and embrace this, the happier you will be. Contest it and the liberation process is going to take for as long as it remains misunderstood.

Firstly, and of primary importance. Want to love others and for others to love us back unconditionally? Then first we must learn to love ourselves. No self-love equals no love at all.

Let us first learn to love ourselves in a healthy, unpolluted fashion, and from there we will naturally love others at a level that goes way beyond the definition that the majority of Humanity understand.

Let’s start by dropping the expectations we place on others to feel fulfilled and let’s get to work on healing the only person you will ever have sovereign reign over. That’s right. The person reading this right now.

The better you know yourself, the better by extension you will know others…I want to show you that by unearthing and clarifying many of Humanities underlying emotional frailties within yourself you will understand how we are basically slaves to our programming, beliefs and conditioning.

How we developed those programs and how because of them we live our lives autonomously and often with painful consequences and repercussions.

Why are we attracted to certain types, events, and circumstances? And how this robotic behaviour can be understood, broken down, then replaced with healthier thoughts and behavioural patterns which will create a healthier, internal environment.

If this appeals to you, yet are unsure how to apply it in your own lives, then get in touch and arrange a free consultation to discuss this and anything else which may be holding you back from becoming your greatest and most refined version.

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