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What masks are you wearing?

If it's so easy to lose who we are when playing a role, then who are we really. Life is a pantomime, of that there is no doubt. When the performance is over, the audience rises and applauds, the villains and the heroes equally. Is it not true?

Both of these archetypes step forward hand in hand to take a bow and the applause of a captive audience. Why? Because both the hero and the villain are just masks, two of many that we wear to misdirect the audience from knowing who we indeed are...

The scared, fragile, and vulnerable human being we all are. Hence why being vulnerable will set you free. It's not a weakness as we were told by our parents and sports managers... Don't show any weakness. Don't cry. Don't tell them how you really feel or they will use this against you... First of all that is total horse shit and secondly its a projection of their inner world and reality...

So many people are losing themselves immersed in characters they are striving to portray and suffering hugely for it.

Suffering, grief and sadness can be the paradoxical ticket out of misery if the realization that your distress has been caused by the masks and roles being played out continuously

Humans are brilliant actors, but at some point, you have to take a chance on being yourself. Let those artificial creations go and be loved or hated for who you really are.

The most difficult questions you will ever answer is, who am I? What am I here to do? What is the purpose of all this?

One thing I can tell you. You will never answer those questions while hiding behind a plethora of well-designed archetypes... Until you can stand in your authentic self, unbridled from concern about what your partner, parents, family, friends or the world thinks of you, never will you be free to design or experience the life you were born for.

Want to level up and own who you are? Free of past baggage and childhood programs that do not serve you?

Make an appointment today.

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