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Subjective reality: How we are creating our lives, one moment at a time using a very specific filtering system.

Dysfunctional routines: How to change old patterns of behaviour with fresh and enhancing alternatives.

The real law of Attraction: Have you ever wondered why we are attracted to certain characters who display familiar emotional traits?

Cause and Effect: Is life happening to you or for you? How you answer that is instrumental to your wellbeing.

We each have a physical, emotional and a spiritual body: In this book, I pay the necessary attention to the three aspects of our existence. Body, mind and spirit.

The unconscious and conscious mind: Understanding how they work is fundamental to your future happiness and success.


A roadmap for rediscovering your self-worth, happiness, success and love.

Darren delves into the programs of the unconscious and conscious mind to eliminate negative stories and limiting beliefs which are holding you back.

© 2019 Darren Jon Timms - All copyrights reserved

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