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Qantas Airlines 

"Amazing listener, always ready to help you and guide you. I met Darren a few years ago and was going through a tough time personally, but Darren’s zest for life and wise words helped me tremendously.

In a world full of people who are selfish and uncaring, it is truly amazing to witness someone full of that much love and light."

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Oxford University Sports Manager 

"I have known Darren since I was born. One of my closet friends whom I have shared so many amazing experiences. Darren’s life has consisted of many different chapters. He, therefore, has personal experience of having to cope and managed in many different scenarios. Amazingly easy to talk to and a great ability to explain his points of view. He has amazing energy and incredible sense of humor which would make him very easy to work with."

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Registered Osteopath

John Gibbons

"I have known Darren for many years as we are both linked to Oxford and he has been a great friend and recently he has been helping with some life issues and has guided me through some tough times in my life as I recently lost my son and we have regular meetings at his unique office in Dubai.......I highly recommend Darren as an exceptional therapist."

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Manager at Dubai World Trade Center 

"Sessions with Darren have been such an eye opening experience. With deep conversations on various topics I have learned a lot about myself - my emotions, my habits, thoughs and working on living a fulfilling life."

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Private Airline Operations 

"Darren has been so inspiring and logical at the same time. He has helped me for many years as a therapist and also a friend. He is one of the most wise, positive and genuine guys I have ever met. Would definitely recommend to anyone facing any difficulties in their lives and for ongoing life coaching and goal setting."

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CEO - Finacial Freedom Through Property

Richard Norris

"Darren Timms has helped me to grow as an individual. He has been with me during every step of my new found journey. I set up a new company about 18 months ago and the growth has been unprecedented. Darren has supported me through my evolution and transition from being an employee to a successful business owner. I continue to work closely with Darren, his techniques as a therapist and life coach are profound and they have helped to keep my mindset strong and positive during the difficulties and adversities that face any Entrepreneur. Darren has a way of always making you feel at ease during hard times and he is well rounded, he understands me and has the ability to connect with anyone at any level. Thanks Darren, you are helping me to transcend my life to unthinkable levels and I am excited about our journey together as we go through life."

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Social Media Partner - Twitter

"It was a huge breakthrough experience and a turning point in my life working with Darren. It changed my life''

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"As a licensed psychologist, working with myself and clients for two decades, I have encountered a variety of therapeutic modalities and practitioners and have very high demands when it comes to my own self-development and the choice of therapist. Darren has exactly the depth of knowledge in combination with an open heart that I need to be able to surrender. Darren has helped me to release emotional charge associated with key situations early in my life that subconsciously has been responsible for my self-sabotaging. The effects have been immediate and lasting. I’m very grateful I had the opportunity to work with him and can truly recommend him."

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Food Stylist

"I have known Darren for many years now as friends which allowed a strong bond and trust to develop between us. Seeing him as a life coach was a natural progression of our friendship and it is one of the best decisions I have taken. Within a few sessions we have come to major breakthroughs and realizations of my life journey. He is tough, straightforward yet loving and caring (even after the sessions) and that's exactly what I needed. I really appreciate all your efforts Darren and looking forward to growing more with your help."

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