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We do not experience life directly, we experience it via the subjective meaning-making process we apply to all circumstances, people and events which show up in our lives...

Simply put, we are forever feeling our thinking and thinking our feelings in a continuous loop. Emotions don't come to us, we go to them based on the stories we tell ourselves when assessing any situation that arises in our proximity.

Knowing this, happiness really becomes a choice... In this short video, I unpack this in detail and offer a simple solution to an age-old problem.

                             IS JEALOUSY HEALTHY?
n my world, definitely not. It taints and poisons everything it touches and has its roots in insecurity and low self-esteem.
The notion that everyone is jealous is not a marker for normality, in fact, it is anything but. It is no measure of sound emotional and psychological health to be well adjusted to a profoundly sick society and the truth remains the truth, even in a minority of one.


                       YOUR EMOTIONAL HOME
We all resonate toward certain environments where we feel at home... Where is yours? The forests, lakes, rivers, mountains, beach or parks...
Maybe it is the shopping mall? Wherever it is for you, spending as much time as possible in your space of choice will make a huge difference to your emotional and physical health. In the words of Nike, ''Just Do It!''

                         ANXIETY, PHOBIAS AND FEARS

We are born with only two fears, falling from height and loud noise... All others are learned. Most from an imprinted belief system installed by our primary caregivers.

That which is learned can be unlearned, hence many phobias that plague your daily life can be eradicated, quickly and without pain. Anxiety the same. If you have specific anxiety, I can help you overcome it.

                              HOW TO HEAL THE BRAIN.

The ageing of the brain and diseases such as dementia, and Alzheimer's are horrible conditions that can be offset by exercise, fasting, sunlight, no sugar diet, and reducing stress.


Our thoughts are the drivers for our emotional state and as we continue to think we become. Hence, training the body and mind with healthy practices are essential for brain and psychological health.


Don't let your brain deteriorate. Use the latest research that science has revealed. Brain training is very real. Use it or lose it.

  Transformation and the unconscious mind


In today's vlog, I explain how the unconscious mind responds to instructions from the conscious mind and why transformation is so difficult for so many.

Once you understand how the unconscious works, transformation becomes a reality and not a pipe dream that happens to others.


What value do you assign happiness? Is it more valuable than your car, watch, holidays, brunches and nights out?

Happiness is created by the quality of our thoughts. Yet we seldom want to pay a coach or a therapist to help us become our greatest version by getting our thinking right.

Sustainable happiness is not a pipe dream. Direct the mind correctly and see for yourself.



Do you see yourself as a victim or an emotionally mature adult? and yes it is a choice. The moment you take responsibility for everything that shows up in your life and you understand that life is happening for and not too you, victimhood is left behind.

This powerful vlog maybe the most important and transformational video you will ever watch!!!

''How Congruent are you?''

Do you truly get it, get it?
Do your thoughts, words and actions align.

 The 6 needs of Human Psychology

When you know which primary needs drive your character, you are well-positioned to change the patterns of behaviour, if they don't serve you. 1. Certainty 2. Uncertainty 3.Significance. 4. Love or connection. 5. Growth. 6.Contribution.

                    ''What is Reality?''
In this mini-podcast, we discuss the nature of reality and how we as individuals are creating our subjective version of what we believe to be true.

Where is the Authentic you?

The authentic self is so far hidden behind different roles and archetypes, we often don't know who we truly are.



Is it a by-product of the mind, or does it sit outside space and time as we currently know it?

''Insecurities in relationships''

Insecurity is not a pleasant or enhancing state and will create many problems in your relationship, both for yourself and partner. In this short video, I explain why we will always look at the opposite sex and why it's the most natural thing in the world.

             ARE YOU A VICTIM?

Playing the victim is the most disempowering position a human being can hold... In this video, I present a simple checklist to see if you Are in control of your life or external events are running your life

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