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Are you able to respond?

The misunderstanding of the word responsibility has become problematic. We live in a world where pointing the finger at external events that we believe responsible for our suffering has spread through the developed world like cancer.

If you are currently doing the same, stop it. If you wish to overcome that which is now holding you back, then read carefully and apply immediately.

Now, before you slam your laptop down, while simultaneously bad mouthing me for not understanding your problem, take a breath, sit back down and recognise what it is I am trying to explain.

Responsibility does not mean accepting blame for things you have done or not. Neither does it mean living in a state of continuous guilt.

Responsibility simply means your ability to respond.

"Response-ability!!"- the ability to respond.

Once you decide, 'I am responsible' (Response-able), you will have the ability to respond. If you choose, 'I am not responsible,' you will not have the ability to respond. It is as simple as that.

All it requires is for you to realise that you are responsible for all that you are and all that you are not, all that may happen to you, including all that may not.

I get it. Difficult and painful things happen to good people. That is all part of life's rich tapestry, and nobody, and I do mean nobody escapes this human journey without feeling the sting of rejection, abandonment and severe adversity.

We came here to learn, so you'd better get with the program and take note of the lessons that are being presented to you.

This is not a brain game I am playing with you, and neither is it NLP trickery or self help mumbo jumbo to confuse you. It's a fact.

We exist because we respond and adapt to what life presents to us. Without this response mechanism, we would cave in very quickly and be effectively useless in a world that rapidly left us behind.

When you take responsibility, you are taking back your power. By being response-able, you are taking command of that you CAN control.

It may take a little time to get this at a level beyond an intellectual concept, but get it, get it, you must, if life on your terms is something that appeals?

I can teach you this and many other life enhancing behaviors that will enhance your life.

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