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''Do your words and actions align?''

''There can be no authenticity without self-integrity''

Our word is all we have. Each time we say one thing and do another, we send a compelling message to the external world and more importantly, ourselves; We don't value our time, and neither yours.

Look at last 24hours? How many things did you not do what you said you would?

Over the last week? From what you eat, going or not to the gym, promises to yourself and any number of others? Now, look at how many times you did the same in the last month?

Beginning to get the picture?

Do you think successful people are prone to upholding their word? The answer is, of course, rhetorical, a huge affirmative yes!!!

It's not OK to break your word to yourself and others barring medical or other emergencies that take precedent.

When you willfully break your word, what message are you articulating? '' I can't be trusted and my levels of self-esteem and self-love are low'' On the contrary, adults with high levels of integrity and self-esteem take their word very seriously.

When I work with any client, the first thing I address is lack of personal congruency.

In fact, I weed out those who I even consider working with by the force of their intention to change and commit to the in-depth process and journey of inner transformation that I promise a client.

When you say one thing and do another you are operating from a place of convenience, not commitment, and without total commitment, you can forget about transformation.

Let me ask you an important question. ''How badly do you want it? To change aspects of your character that have and continue to cause you emotional turmoil? What price do you put on ''peace of mind?''

Is that brunch, handbag, new shoes, a watch, a holiday, or a car more important than your psychological health? Again, it's rhetorical because your happiness in life is directly correlated with the quality of your thinking. Hence, your mind is creating your misery and suffering, yet until you realise, your lifes unconscious patterns will continue to repeat themselves.

So my question to you is this, ''What are your lowest standards you are willing to tolerate?''

Stop negotiating with your saboteurs and own limiting beliefs and do something about it, and that starts by upholding your word.

If you say a thing, then do that bloody thing!!!

Extraordinary people have extraordinary levels of self-integrity. From top athletes to top actors, and those making a real difference on this planet all share this non-negotiable trait.

Isn't it time you joined them?

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