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Success without fulfilment equals failure.

Fulfilment is what constitutes a healthy state of being, not success.

Your quality of life is aligned with the quality of your thoughts and emotional wellness...

No fulfilment, equally, no inner joy...

Sat on a yacht, miserable as hell, not knowing why, is every bit as painful as sitting in a studio with the same mindset.

You must realize; life does not unfold out there; it unfolds between your ears...

One could say, in fact, and I can testify to this after having multimillionaires sit in my chair, that their level of discontent is greater than that of the man in his studio...


Because he believes that having multiple cars, homes, and a boat should make him happy, and it doesnt.

The guy in the studio can look at those things and their absence and blame the fact he doesn't have them for why he feels unfulfilled.

You will learn over time it's not wealth or success but the fulfilment that creates your state of being.

The only question that needs to be asked now is-

''How to attain fulfilment?''

Do you know? Fulfilment has a recipe!!!

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