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The existential detective

#Life is an incredible mystery, a gift, a #miracle even. Yet, at times can be very testing.

I find #joy in the simplest of acts but #happiness can be as fleeting as any other #emotion.

I feel disconnected from life at times but promptly connect again as I re-engage with this incredible gift called the human journey.

I am often, stimulated, humbled and in awe by the complexity and paradoxical nature of this “Great Mystery,” we call life!

However, something that brings great joy to me is to share my life with those I have a deep, and #meaningful connection.

Especially sharing the things I #love, things I am exploring or experimenting with, experiences I have had, books I am reading, #perspectives, I currently hold (which I am willing to challenge and let go of in a moment), products/companies that do or have positively impacted me and ideas & inspiration that open my mind to new, expanded possibilities for life.

This lights me up. I am not someone who has it all figured out, but more a “#spiritual scientist”, in constant experimentation with life. An “#existential detective”, forever exploring, open to and inquisitive about the things that come onto my proximity.

What I share is a #daily practice of reminders to myself, and the most natural, joyful expression of all aspects of me.

You are invited to taste with curiosity the things that are shared and ultimately, ask of yourself, “Is this right or true for me?”

And… just in case you elevate me to a raised pedestal because of the #character I play in this life, this time around, I would like to ask that you please take me down!

You will only be #disappointed as you will come to see that you and I are one and the same. The difference is that when I fall in the blender which is inevitable, I know how to get out before too much damage is done, and I will share with you the #strategies and #techniques I use.

We are in this together, as brothers and sisters. And it brings great joy and meaning into my life to walk side by side with my human family while being the very best therapist and life coach I can possibly be.

I honour every human being currently experiencing this wacky, crazy journey called life and working it out, one step at a time.

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