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"The Power of Finishing: How Completing Tasks Can Transform Your Life"

What the self-help gurus rarely tell you. The key to self-worth and self-esteem starts by doing this!!!!!

"The Power of Finishing: How Completing Tasks Can Transform Your Life"?

One key to overcoming fatigue is completing the tasks we start. Unfinished tasks drain our energy and make us feel tired.

Allow me to illustrate.

A man in his 40's recently came to see me. He told me he had a problem with finishing anything, a common annoyance for many of us.

He explained that he always started new projects but never followed through. He wondered if I could give him some affirmations to change his belief system.

He realized he did not believe in himself as a good finisher, so he did not finish anything. He had a lifetime of evidence to support that limiting belief.

He wanted a magic phrase to repeat to himself that would transform him into a different person.

However, I challenged him on the effectiveness of affirmations alone.

I asked him if affirmations alone would make him proficient if he wanted to learn how to use a computer. Of course not!

I told him that the best way to change his belief system was to change his reality.

He needed to prove that he was a good finisher by finishing things.

I suggested he buy a notebook and write "Things I've Finished" on the first page. Then I asked him to remember everything he had ever finished and write them down.

I instructed him to set small daily goals and complete them, recording every finished task, no matter how trivial, in his notebook.

I encouraged him to resist any distractions or temptations preventing him from finishing what he started.

He followed my advice with great enthusiasm. He started to finish everything he began, from sweeping his front walk to reading a book.

He filled his notebook with evidence of his accomplishments. Slowly but surely, he became more confident and proud of himself as a finisher. And he had a notebook to back it up.

By changing his actions and results, he changed his truth and belief.

This was much more effective than using affirmations alone. All night, he could have repeated, "I am a great finisher, " but his subconscious mind would have known the truth.

In the same way, looking in a mirror and stating, ''I love myself on repeat when you do nothing to support that statement will be met with the same subconscious resistance.

It would have said, "No, you're not a great finisher, and how you live does not support self-love!''

The bottom line is to build a track record of completed tasks.

Remember that leaving tasks unfinished drains your energy and makes you feel tired. It reinforces the idea that your words to yourself and others are meaningless, which erodes self-worth and self-esteem.

Take small steps, set small goals, and finish what you start.

In conclusion, celebrate your successes and use them as evidence that you are a great finisher. Then, watch your self-esteem grow.

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