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Uncertainty is the only certainty.

The only certainty is uncertainty!!

The idea that the only certainty in life is uncertainty is a common but true philosophical belief that causes emotional chaos for billions.

It states that while we can make predictions and plans, we can never truly be sure of what will happen in the future. Various examples, such as the unpredictability of natural events, the volatility of financial markets, and the uncertainty of human behaviour, can support this concept.

Additionally, scientific research has shown that there is fundamental randomness and unpredictability in the universe, as seen in the principles of quantum mechanics.

Furthermore, the concept of uncertainty is also a fundamental principle in fields such as risk management and decision-making, where it is recognized that there is always unpredictability in any situation.

It can also be argued that the only certainty in life is that we will all eventually die, and the exact time and circumstances of our death are unknown and, therefore, uncertain.

Additionally, it's uncertain that the things we believe to be true today may not be true tomorrow, as we are constantly learning new information and gaining new perspectives that change our understanding of the world.

The four things we do control are. 1. What we think. 2. What we say. 3. What we feel. 4. What we do.

We may not think we do, but a deep understanding of Human emotion and the Human journey will confirm those four things.

The difficult part is to know this and how to manage them skillfully, and it's here I do my work, which I'm sure, my clients will affirm.

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