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What successful people do that others don't.

I have your #attention. Good!

So. What do #successful people do that others don't? Or what do they have that others don't?

A better memory, #superior #genetics, higher IQ's. Nope, to all of the above.

They are #desirable traits, sure, but they do not guarantee #success and neither do they exonerate you from #pain or #suffering.

If you think I have access to deeply held #secrets unknown to the majority, you are going to be #disappointed.

For success to happen, you are going to have to focus on #solutions when adversity visits you and not on the problem. There it is. #Profound yet simple.

Successful people focus all their energy on what they must do when pain comes a calling. Whereas, those that continually fail to achieve their desired results focus on why it happened, whose fault it was, how unfair life is and live with an attitude of ''how could this happen to me?''

Time for some harsh #truths. It did happen, but not to you, but for you. Its time to get off the pity train and take responsibility for your life. Everything that happens is happening for you and once realized, life changes.

#Painful events are going to happen, that's a given, but how you choose to react to them is a choice and those choices will define the rest of your #life.

You cannot turn back time and wish everything was as it was before the pain arose. You are not a child any longer. It did happen and will continue to do so.

Accidents occur, partners regularly #cheat. Businesses often fail. #Divorce is at all-time highs. That's life, I'm afraid.

Can I #empathize with you and appreciate your pain? Do I #sympathize with your plight?

Damn straight. I know how it is to experience the dark night of the soul, where my character is forged in the fires of adversity, and still it continues.

I can step into your pain and truly feel it, and be there with you the whole way, but what I cant do is take it away with a magic wand.

However, I can give you the ingredients and direction required to perform your personal transformation.

The definition of success is to go from adversity to adversity and not lose your enthusiasm, knowing that with enough effort and passion, life not only can improve, it will improve.

Yet, until you switch your focus to finding a solution, you will continue to get more of where your attention goes. Where energy flows, reality grows.

With that in mind, I want that the moment you find yourself engaging in that old pattern, catch it and immediately focus on that which you can take control of. Get strategic and write it down. Get a plan together and focus all your time and energy in that direction.

Focus on solutions, on that you need to do to overcome the problem and see how life begins to change for you.

Don't underestimate these challenges. They are trans-formative. Apply them, use them, and evolve with them

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