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We all have #dreams and #aspirations. We get excited about those dreams, and often tell others of our #plans and how we are going to #execute on them.

But, how many of those dreams remain just that, dreams? #Ideas, #thoughts, #intentions, plans. Left to collect and gather dust in the catacombs of a capable but under-performing mind?

Isn't it time your #words aligned with your #actions? To be #congruent in a world that seems anything but will put you well ahead of the curve. Want to #level-up and take a seat at the high table of life?

I have three words for you. Three words that will change your #life. Three words I want you to have tattooed on your soul; ''RAISE YOUR STANDARDS!''

The quality of your life is directly correlated to the #quality of your #thinking and the #decisions made on the back of the corresponding thoughts.

From today and for seven straight days, without negotiation, I #challenge you to deliver on your word. Both to yourself and others.

If you say a thing, then you do a thing. No if's or buts. Aside from true emergencies, you do not break your word, or #promise to anything or anyone, least of all, #yourself.

Arranged to be somewhere at 4.30pm for a coffee with a friend, then you arrive no later than 4.29pm Tell someone you will run that errand or do that favor, then that is what you will do.

If you have decided to lose 10kg's of body-weight, run a mile, or write that book, it matters not. The process is the same. Sit down, get a plan, detail exactly what you must do, then begin by taking #massive action, coupled with the #discipline necessary to complete your mission.

The world is forever assessing what you say and what you do, either affirming or renouncing based on your #behavior. When your words and actions align, people can trust you. Above that, you can trust yourself and with trust, comes #momentum. On the flip side of that coin, let people down a few times and a rather large question mark will accompany you through life.

Put a #fire under your life #today. It all starts with a promise to yourself. ''I will raise my standards, by not only talking the talk, but walking the walk!''

Your #challenge today if you choose to accept it... What in your life needs addressing. What pressing issue have you been putting off? I don't care what it is,

Get a plan, #write it down, take massive action and execute!!!!!

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