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''You are the masterpiece''

Updated: Nov 19, 2019

The Italian painter and sculptor Michelangelo was asked, ''How did you create your masterpiece, the statue you called David?''

He paused awhile and then responded. '' I just chipped away and removed everything that wasn't David.''

As I look around the world, I see only the David, the masterpiece we are before the world and life placed its hands on us.

The journey back to self is a road map of discovery, or better said a rediscovery of the unspoiled treasure we all are. However, before that can happen, we must realize that this place, this planet is a school, where we come to learn.

But unlike other schools, this one never closes, where the teachers never have a day off, and the lessons never cease until we take our final breath as long as we are aware enough to recognize them.

We must be mindful that life is happening for us and not to us, and yes, there is a distinction.

When the world is happening for us, it means we are willing to take responsibility for everything that unfolds in our lives, and that is super important.

And yes, I do mean everything without exception.

To be clear here. Being responsible for every event and consequence that enters our lives is not the same as taking the blame. Look at the word;'' responsibility'' and break it down.

Responsa-ability or turned around, the ability to respond.

That means we have choices and choices, affords us options. Opportunities to respond, and this is how we take our power back. Opposed to that is when we believe life is happening to us, that we are victims without the ability to choose or change our circumstances.

When we live this way, we often point the finger at the world and say. ''You did this to me, you are the reason for my pain and suffering.''

Remember, when you point the finger, there are three looking back at you, and above that, you deny your autonomy when you hold anything outside of yourself as the reason for your pain, and that is terribly dis-empowering.

This book is about self-empowerment and how to take control of life and then take your life to the next level. ( I have added a link at the bottom of the page) It is about why we do the things that don't serve us and what to do about it. Why we attract events, people and circumstances into our lives and what we need to learn and so much more.

So In closing. Are you going to be the masterpiece you were born to be, or would you prefer to remain a victim of your circumstances? I ask that you choose wisely.

And if you are still unsure as to where your greatness lay, then I urge you to get in touch and allow me to be your guidepost back to the place where your David awaits.

''The masterpiece we all are.''

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