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Updated: Sep 22, 2019

Road to Happiness

SHIFTING THE FOUNDATIONS OF BELIEF. Most people’s fundamental understanding of how the mind works on this planet is backwards. How the human mind works is this. Most of us believe that life is happening to us, that events are the cause of our success, happiness, or suffering. Not so. Life is always happening through and for us. In simple terms; We are not experiencing life directly, rather, through the meaning we apply to the events, circumstances or people that show up in our lives. Our reality is totally subjective, not definitive. Meaning we are forever experiencing the feelings of our thinking. When we understand this at the level required, life really is never the same. We become totally responsible for how we feel and the choices we make, even the choices we make when we believe life is happening to us, and not for us. When a tragedy strikes or heartbreak pays us a visit, or when our relationships seem to be falling apart. We are always respons-able, meaning we are Able to respond. This is empowering. A victim has no choices. It can only point the finger and state-‘’You did this to me!’’ You are responsible for my suffering and hence you must do something about it in order for me to feel better!’’ Any time we rely on external circumstances to be something different to what they are, or a person to behave in a certain way for us to feel a certain way, we massively disempower ourselves to be the greatest version we can be. My job as a coach and therapist is not to fix you, for that is impossible. What I can do, is lovingly guide you home to that space within. Back to your innate intelligence, where you remember who and what you are; which is a totally responsible human being with Infinite potential.

Don't leave your potential on the table, and don't get to the end of your life regretting not having fulfilled your destiny.

Reach out today for a free consultation and see what coaching can do for you.

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